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Sayaboury, Land of the Elephants

Sayaboury is home to 75% of Laos' elephants, both wild and domestic. Come visit them, at home!

Sayaboury is home to many ethnic minorities with rich traditions and craft.

From stunning mountain views to hot springs, caves and waterfalls, off-the-beaten track Sayaboury takes you to untouched natural worlds!

Visit centuries old sacred temples and learn the ancient craft of pottery, dyeing and weaving in the Northern Districts...

About Sayaboury Tourism Department

Land of the Elephants

On behalf of the Sayaboury Provincial Tourism Department (PTD) and Lao National Tourism Administration, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the “Land of the Elephants”. Sayaboury’s pristine, mountainous terrain is among Lao PDR’s most scenic, and is home to a diversity of ethnic groups and an array of cultural and natural attractions. In spite of the province’s rugged landscape, Sayaboury can be easily accessed from Vientiane, Luang Prabang, several Mekong riverboat stops, and two border checkpoints with Thailand.

The province holds the distinction of hosting Lao PDR’s annual Elephant Festival in February, an event that is gaining broader international recognition due to Sayaboury’s large elephant population, the animal’s importance in the livelihoods of local people, and growing interest around the world in preserving this endangered mammal.

For visitors seeking an elephant adventure, Elephant Conservation Center just outside of Sayaboury Town provides an unforgettable experience up close to our sacred giant friends.

Perhaps less well known but of similar interest is Sayaboury’s traditional cotton weaving trade. Tourists can visit northern ethnic villages to witness the entire procedure from ginning freshly picked cotton, through spinning and dying the threads, to the actual weaving on age-old looms. A stop to watch this fascinating process provides a most memorable experience, and the opportunity to purchase the finished goods.

To assist visitors coming to Sayaboury, the Sayaboury Authority is developing two routes. The first travels through the four northern districts and takes in Hongsa’s elephant treks, weaving villages, ancient Buddhist stupas, and natural attractions including geological oddities known as the Stone Pillars. The north-south route weaves through mountain’s ridges from Hongsa to Sayaboury District and on to the province’s southern Thai-border region with stops to visit legendary temples, waterfalls, and caves.

To ensure your visit to Sayaboury is pleasant for you and your gracious hosts, we respectfully request you observe Lao customs when visiting Buddhist temples or participating in local religious ceremonies or rituals. Also, while the locals warmly welcome visitors, they kindly ask that you make an effort to be culturally sensitive, always keep your cool, and set a good example for Lao youth by dressing modestly and not using illegal drugs.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey of discovery in Sayaboury.

The Director, Sayaboury Provincial Tourism Department

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Most Popular Adventures in Sayaboury

Each of Sayaboury's 11 districts offers unique adventures tailor-made for travellers from around the globe...