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Saysathan District

Saysathan District

Mountain tea and hill people

Saysathan district, situated west from Sayaboury, is covered with mountains, rural villages and traditional tea plantations. The main town, Saysathan, seems isolated on top of a boundless mountain ridge about 70 km from Sayaboury.

The asfalt road leading to Saysathan always twists and turns through the peaks, passing through rural villages with spectacular views. Often life happens near the road: villagers doing their daily rites, a farmer carrying huge bamboo poles on his shoulder, a group of kids walking to a nearby school, girls washing clothes in a river outside the village. The mountains are covered with a blanket of small trees and farm land. This is the are of tea. Before you reach Saysathan, you can visit the tea plantation of “Saysathan Sa” and see the small factory with machinery for drying, chopping and rolling the tea leaves. Sip a cup of this freshly brewed green mountain tea while enjoying the wide view, you soon imagine yourself on top of the world. Saysathan, set on the top, is a pleasant and charming town, with well kept roads and houses. Some larger government buildings surround the town.

From here you can visit other nearby mountain villages and wander around and eat a simple bowl of soup in a local shop and offer some small talk with locals, the experience itself is rewarding to say the least. In Saysathan you can stay in a simple but clean guesthouse situated in the centre of town, the only guesthouse in Saysetthan. If you travel on motorbike there is a unpaved, dirt road that ends all the way in the town of Hongsa. This often difficult and long rural track travels through a landscape of mountains and forest where life is still of another kind.

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Getting There

By car take the road in Sayaboury town to north east after the airport it is a left turn. The road heads up the mountains for 65 km before arriving in Saysetthan twon. This information will be updated soon for public transport.