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Getting to Sayaboury

Your Gateway to the Land of Elephants

Located in northwest Laos, Sayaboury is bordered by Vientiane and Luang Prabang Provinces to the east, Oudomxay Province to the north and six Thai provinces to the south and west. The Mekong River runs along the northern perimeter, but cuts to Luang Prabang before returning to define the province’s eastern boundary with Vientiane on its run south. Steep, forested mountains of shale and sandstone and a web of rivers and streams dominate Sayaboury’s landscape. The Pha Xang Mountain Range, the province’s north-south spine, hides caves and waterfalls, and also shelters the Nam Phui NPA, which covers around 12% of the province’s 16,389 km2. Sayaboury is divided into 11 districts, the municipal centers of which are comprised of several villages.

Venturing to Sayaboury’s districts often takes a bit of patience. Some District Tourism Offices offer guided tours or can assist in organizing private or public transport. Only a handful of guesthouses rent bicycles and motorcycles, but several can help arrange private tuk-tuks or song taews (covered pickup trucks with benches) to local tourist sites. A tour company based in Sayaboury District and Luang Prabang operates programs in the province, and another operator plans to open in Ngeun. Another option is to hire a car/four-wheel drive vehicle or an off-road motorcycle in Sayaboury Town, Vientiane or Luang Prabang for getting to and around Sayaboury. Cyclers will find rough roads making mountain bikes a must.

Sayaboury’s climate is divided into two seasons. The dry period lasts from November to March, during which temperatures range from cool to warm, though temperatures tend to rise later in March. The rainy season begins in late April, with daily downpours picking up from July to September before easing in October. Off-roaders can tackle Sayaboury’s steep, winding and often rugged roads, but the sheer-cliff scenery, endless greenery, rambling brooks and remote villages are more likely to steal your breath. The lush mountains also shelter the Nam Phui National Protected Area (NPA), Laos’ only NPA west of the Mekong.

DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Vientiane (Northern Bus Station)459 KmBus3:00 p.m.130.000 – 150.000 KipVia Luang Prabang
380 kmBus8:00 a.m.110.000 KipVia Paklay
380 kmVan7:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.140.000 KipVia Paklay
Vientiane – Sayaboury459 KmBus6:00 p.m.130.000 – 150.000 KipVia Luang Prabang
380 kmBus9:00 a.m.110.000 KipVia Paklay
380 kmVan9:00 a.m.
Sayaboury – Vientiane (With Sakura Tours Co. LTD)380 KmVan8:00 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.140.000 Kip Via Paklay
Vientiane - Sayaboury380 Km Van8:00 a.m.
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – XiengkhouangVan9:00 a.m.
Xiengkhouang – SayabouryVan9:00 a.m.
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Paklay (Southern Bus Station)150 KmSong Thaew, Van7:30 a.m.50.000 Kip
Sayaboury – Paklay (Northern Bus Station)150 KmBus 8:00 a.m.50.000 Kip
Paklay – Sayaboury150 KmSong Thaew,Van7:30 a.m.50.000 Kip
40.000 KipTake Song Thaew from Paklay Northern station
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Muang Phieng (Southern Bus Station)50 KmSong Thaew9:00 a.m. 30.000 Kip10 passengers minimum
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Boten (Southern Bus Station)239 KmSong thaew, Van9:00 a.m.100.000 Kip
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Muang Ngeun (Northern Bus Station)146 KmVan10:00 a.m.80.000 Kip5 passengers minimum
Muang Ngeun – Sayaboury146 KmVan10:30 a.m.80.000 Kip
Muang Ngeun – Lao-Thai Checkpoint1 KmTuk-Tuk8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m.10.000 Kip
Muang Ngeun – Pakhouaykhen42 KmVan11:30 a.m.30.000 Kip
Pakhouaykhen – Muang Ngeun42 KmVan11:30 a.m.30.000 Kip
Muang Ngeun – Oudomxay200 KmBus11:30 a.m.80.000 Kip
Oudomxay – Muang Ngeun200 KmBus11:30 a.m.80.000 Kip
Muang Ngeun – Pakbeng55 Kmvan10:30 a.m.50.000 kip
Muang Ngeun – Hongsa43 KmVan10:30 a.m.25.000 Kip
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Muang Khob (Northern Bus Station)241 KmVan12:00 noon150.000 Kip5 passengers minimum
Sayaboury-Loei (Thailand)-Sayaboury
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – LoeiBus10:00 a.m.
Loei – SayabouryBus8:00 a.m.
Sayaboury-Luang Prabang-Sayaboury
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Luang Prabang (Northern Bus Station)117 KmBus9:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m50.000 Kip
Luang Prabang – Sayaboury117 KmBus9:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.50.000 Kip
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Paklay – Thongmixay40 KmPick up12:00 noon
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Kenthao (Southern Bus Station)207 KmSong Thaew9:00 a.m.80.000 Kip
Kenthao – Lao-Thai Checkpoint4 KmTuk Tuk 10.000 Kip
Kenthao – Vientiane260 Km Bus10.00 a.m. 100.000 Kip
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Hongsa (Northern Bus Station)98 KmVan11:00 a.m.60.000 Kip5 passengers minimum
Hongsa – Sayaboury98 KmVan9:00 a.m.60.000 Kip
Hongsa – Oudomxay240 KmBus 259:00 a.m.110.000 Kip
Hongsa – Vientiane555 KmBus 259:00 a.m.200.000 Kip
Thasuang (Hongsa Mekong Pier) – Pakbeng27 KmSpeed Boat9:00 a.m.50.000 Kip
Thasuang (Hongsa Mekong Pier) – Luang Prabang260 KmSlow Boat11:00 a.m.65.000 Kip
Hongsa – Muang Ngeun37 KmVan8:30 a.m.25.000 Kip
Hongsa – Luang Prabang130 Kmvan8:00 a.m.130.000 KipVia Chomphet District (Suspended)
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Muang Xienghone (Northern Bus Station)200 KmVan12:00 noon110.000 Kip5 passengers minimum
DestinationDistanceTransport TypeTimePriceRemark
Sayaboury – Km 52Van8:30 a.m.
Km 52 – SayabouryVan9:00 a.m.